Core Talent Recruitment:

Offering a relocation program as a benefit can make the company more attractive to new-hire candidates and more competitive in the recruiting process. We can also help by benchmarking your policies against competitors. 

  • Candidate pre-relocation phase program begins with new area orientation and tour early in the candidate stages. 
  • Candidate assessment is shared with your recruiters for a better understanding of any up-front personal challenges presented by the candidate.

Budget:  In an effort to help our corporate clients define and maintain relocation expenses in compliance with their relocation policy, the estimated budget program can be used as a tool to establish a budget for individual or group move relocations or an estimated relocation budget for your candidates in the Pre-Relocation stage.

Cost of Living Comparison Study:  Compare the cost of living between two cities. The report covers the overall difference in living costs and a break-down of costs by category (housing, consumables, taxes, transportation, gasoline and energy prices). This is a great tool to add to recruiting efforts with candidates.