International Relocation Services:

Our Settling-In Program assists the transferees and families with integration into the new community, partnered with our Home Finding Services.  Practical living issues are also addressed and escort provided for the international transferee to the Social Security office, Motor Vehicles, bank, and local area tours of communities is also included in the Settling-In program.  OakTree coordinates meet, greet and pick-up of transferee, spouse/partner and family at destination airport and provides hotel or temporary housing transportation. 

Our professional cross-cultural and language training programs allow  transferees confidence in communicating in a new language and the understanding of cultural differences, within the business and personal realm.   Host country transportation management, coordination, packing, wrapping, delivery, and storage of your transferees’ house hold goods are provided by our international partners.

Financial Management and Expense Tracking: Fully integrated reporting interfaces with accounting systems. Tax administration, accounts payable, payroll and total cost estimates and reports are part of our program to meet the special requirements and complexities such as multiple foreign currencies and multinational tax laws.